The 2nd Silk Road Cup – The 16th World Horseback Archery Championship

It is our pleasure to Announce the World Horseback Archery Championship (WHAC) for this year. Through all difficulties, we all understand the importance of the Championship, but we have taken extra measures for this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore WHAC 2021 will be conducted outside South Korea for the 1st time in 15 years and Read more The 2nd Silk Road Cup – The 16th World Horseback Archery Championship

12th WHAC Result

Single Shot (Individual)NationName1MongoliaErdenesuyd-Erdrene2USAGreg Ogburn3PolandWojtek Osiecki Single Shot (Team)NationScore1Korea47.42USA42.383Poland31.65 Double Shot (Individual)NationName1TurkeyAlperen Alkan2MongoliaErdenesuyd-Erdrene3USAGlen Wenston Double Shot (Team)NationScore1Poland59.472U.S.A.56.483Korea50.83 Serial Shot (Indivudual)NationName1KoreaLee SeongHo2U.S.A.Diana Troyk3SwedenKarl Mollerberg Serial Shot (Team)NationScore1U.S.A.88.412Korea84.723Poland76.76 Quabac Shot (Individual)NationName1TurkeyAlp Kayserili2U.S.A.Lukas Novotny3KoreaPark Beom Read more 12th WHAC Result

11th WHAC Result

Single Shot RankNameScore1Miagmar16.382Ankhbaatar14.673Wojtek14.14Norbert13.725Emil12.57 Double Shot RankNameScore1Robin26.202Emil24.023Anna23.754Ankhbaatar22.505Wojtek21.86 Serial Shot RankNameScore1Glenn44.352Wojtek43.613Emil35.044Thierry355Norbert34.06 Masahee RankNameScore1Australia: Katrina, Novert, Adriana2Sweden, Iran: Emil, Ali, Naser3America: Dianna, Greg, Joey4Korea(youth): Lee, Seung-Ho, Lee, Kyeng-Ho. Quabac RankNameScore1Emil2Park, Bem-Nam3Robin4Adriana Mogu RankNameScore1Australia: Katrina, Adriana2German: Ralph, Guilia3France: Thierry, Robin4Mongol: Read more 11th WHAC Result